Our Group of Companies

We have evolved into a diverse business including manufacturing, processing, wholesale and retail marketing, BPO services, packaging and plastic and horse racing.

Flexotech Inc.

We are a polymer manufacturing company offering plastics products to a wide range of industries within Guyana, and the CARICOM single market.

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Nand Persaud Stables

Nand Persaud promotes top class and competitive horse racing in Guyana.

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Nand Persaud Packaging

Our forward production services includes a Bag Factory producing rice, garbage and shopping bags.

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Green Power Solutions

Nand Persaud & Company is an industry leader in the shift towards renewable energy.

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Nand Persaud Wholesale & Retail

Nand Persaud's supply chain reliably gets goods and products from manufacturers to consumers.

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NPI Communications Inc

Nand Persaud & Company offers BPO and Telemarketing Services to clients from around the world.

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