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Corentyne, Berbice

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Nand Persaud International Communications Inc.

Established in 2002, NPIC is the first locally-owned and operated near-shore contact centre that boasts a wide portfolio of international clients, especially in the USA and Canada. In 2015, the company recorded a massive 31 per cent increase in export of its services. This leap in export has given NPIC the nod over all the other companies in the region, and has resulted in the company being recognised for this accomplishment.

Our commitment to excellence has caused NPIC to gain a strong reputation for quality, which has differentiated it from the competition, and has been critical in its success. NPIC and the Nand Persaud Group of Companies are not strangers to success, as they have won several awards since their establishment. The key to NPIC’s success has been its unwavering stance on quality, which is paramount to the success of the industry; and its forward-thinking initiatives which always place the NPIC one step ahead of its local counterparts.




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