Nand Persaud & Company Limited; millers and suppliers of white and parboiled rice to local and overseas markets began its operations 29 years ago with a one-ton per hour mill located at No. 36 Village, Corentyne, under the bottom house of the late Founder, Mr. Nand Persaud, who envisioned the need for a milling facility that would cater for rice farmers across East Berbice and, by March 1992, Nand Persaud & Sons was established along with a spare parts center.


Today, the Nand Persaud & Company Rice Milling Complex is one of the most commanding landmarks along the entire Corentyne Public Road. It boasts an ever-evolving state-of-the-art operation that incorporates the latest technology, ensuring consistency in the high quality of the product milled.

The Spare Parts Centre, now known as Nand Persaud Agriculture Machinery Department, caters to the needs of the agriculture sector by providing hard-to-get, heavy-duty machinery, parts, and equipment.

Nand Persaud and Company Ltd. is the home of Karibee Rice, Crown Rice, Pure Acreage Rice, Eve Rice, and Naisa Rice.


Nand Persaud International Communications

In 2001, the Company diversified into other major investments. The first was Nand Persaud International Communications Inc (NPIC); a BPO and Contact Center with located at Tain, Port Mourant. In its 18 years, NPIC has become a major player in its field, providing efficient services that are on par with global standards, winning several prestigious international service awards.

NPG Packaging & Plastics

NPG Packaging & Plastics was founded in 2005 and is located at Wellington Park, Corentyne, Berbice. This company began importing and printing poly bags, twine, rubber rolls, and plastic bags of various types and sizes. Over the years, the company has expanded and now carries some biodegradable products as well.

Nand Persaud Fertilizers

Knowing how important it is for farmers to have access to reliable and affordable fertilizers & pesticide supply, the Company went on to launch Nand Persaud Fertilizers in 2009. This new venture was created to provide a line of credit to help the farmers and still does today. More recently, Nand Persaud & Company Limited donated $40M to the University of Guyana for the establishment of a soil testing lab, which would benefit both the farmers and the students of the University.

Amazonia Rice Investment Inc

In March 2013, a new entity was launched trading under the name Amazonia Rice Investment Inc. Located in Black Bush Polder, Amazonia Rice Investment produces its own line of products.

Nand Persaud Wholesale & Retail Outlets

In the year 2014 Nand Persaud & Co. Ltd. founded the first of two Nand Persaud Wholesale Retail Outlets. Created as a place where any type of customer can come and get the lowest possible prices possible, these outlets have an extensive inventory – from power tools to stationery. A second outlet location was opened in 2017. These outlets are located in Rose Hall Town and Corriverton, Berbice.

Sky Plus Inc.

Created with a vision to encompass all entertainment spheres and provide top-class entertainment all year round, Sky Plus Inc. was launched in 2016. The world of events is ever-changing and Nand Persaud & Co. Ltd. wanted to stay ahead of the latest entertainment trends. Events are broadcasted globally, attracting tourists and investors into Guyana. The aim upon creation was to provide leadership for horse racing that is protective of the sport’s deep traditions and proud history whilst guiding it towards a bright future.

Flexotech Inc.

Also launched in 2016, Flexotech Inc., a polymer manufacturing company offering products to a wide range of industries within Guyana, and the CARICOM single market. Flexotech Inc provides biodegradable bags and plastic film packaging for virtually any type of material or specialist application, from foodstuff to general shrink wraps to construction packaging.

Green Power Solutions Inc.

One of the Company’s biggest passion projects to date is Green Power Solutions Inc. This venture was created in 2017 to drive the modernization of Guyana’s energy consumption; to be an industry leader in the shift towards renewable energy. It is now a leading supplier of environmentally friendly energy solutions for homes and businesses – large or small.

Nand Persaud Foundations

In 2018 Nand Persaud & Co. Ltd. added a non-profit to the Group of Companies. The Nand Persaud Foundation is a charity dedicated to social, cultural, and environmental initiatives and seeks to craft positive change across Guyana.

Plastific Inc.

More recently, Nand Persaud & Co. Ltd. launched Plastific Inc., this company manufactures everyday items including an extensive list of biodegradable cutlery, boxes, and dishware for household or corporate use.